Lets you and I pretend this is what life as a small time fashion designer looks like – all the time:

Oh and I have to share this conversation I had yesterday with the neighbor boy age -around 10 I think:

Boy: What are you doing with that paper?

Me: Well -I’m a fashion designer – and I’m about to make a dress pattern with this paper.

Boy: Ooooh -is that why your house is all like that?

Me: Like what?

Boy: With all the flowers and stuff.

Me: (don’t laugh don’t laugh) Absolutely.

Boy: Did you design your house?

Me: Nope it was built in 1909.

Boy: Did you make your flowers?

Me: Yep.

And here is the VegaDawg – sullen – because there are boys running around and she is certain they need eatin’


~ by unabashedapparel on April 14, 2010.

3 Responses to “Idyllic”

  1. Too cute!

  2. Is that me on your table?!

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