Spring Tweaking

Note: This is my longest post ever. You’re going to need a coffee, a wine, and probably an episode plan for this post. Marathon. Seriously:

I tweak about clutter. It may take a while but one day – there I’ll be – standing in an empty house  for sale of someone else’s – and it feels like perfection. It feels like sunlight and birds chirping and grass growing and small leaves forming and old carpenters who had two sets of clothing -one for work and one for sunday and all that clear uncluttered space isn’t possibility or lacking -it is perfected. And then I tweak. I don’t know where my dislike of crap comes from – but I run strong with the force of it. Light saber strong (you should see me with a light saber app – I can’t believe I just said light saber app – well – regardless – I was meant to be a Jedi. I mean it. I love a light saber on an iphone. It’s one of those unqualified things – I want messenger pigeons, linen shifts, woodstoves for heat -and a light saber app on an iphone.)

I digress.

I twitch at what The ErikRoomate calls human detritus. Twitching right now just thinking on it. In my perfect world I have a couch. Best couch ever. In a living room with a working fireplace and a candelabra. In the winter there is a wool blanket in the summer there is an old-timey fan. In the kitchen there is a perfect old farmhouse table. A pot. A kettle. Two plates. Two mugs. A bench. A linen dish towel.  Bedroom: bed quilt boots and twinkly lights. Bathroom: tub sink toliet shampoo soap. Wardrobe (I’m a fashion designer – what – there was always going to be a room with a wardrobe. there is a room with a wardrobe). 10 summer items. 10 winter items. 5 pairs of perfect shoes. 3 pairs of stockings. 2 hats. 2 belts.

But outside – there are more plants and pretty flowers than you can shake a stick at. That is my dream world. In my dream world I must have a web where I become a spider and spin clothing from my bellybutton – because if you really really want to know what makes this gal twitch crazy – It’s how much crap is needed in a working living apparel design and production studio. Wow. So Much Crap. Capital SMC. Yesterday I came home and started searching through my impressive collection of magazines. To Find The Picture – that sums up my dream world – and I found it surprizingly quickly:

Torn from a country living magazine – it’s backpage was often the reason I bought the whole mag. Which led me to ripping out so many pages and tossing 20 magazines away – in my ode to Too Much Detritus dance yesterday.

I went around for 7 hours like a crazy person – tossing fabric, magazines, things I never understood in the first place, and some clothing about – wailing and waving my arms about. One day I will own a white farmhouse on many many acres. There will be a barn where my studio resides – with shelving and doors to close on the crap. In my farmhouse there will be very little – but a good very little and there may be a couple of rooms with just 2 pieces of furniture and a stereo – and I will dance the dance of unencumberedness. I will dance to understand my body in space and movement through my hair and I will be free and untweaked and calm and most importantly – I will be very well dressed in an outfit that fits, perfectly spun on a make believe web.


~ by unabashedapparel on April 5, 2010.

One Response to “Spring Tweaking”

  1. Any person that has spent more than 2 hours in SBW have a thing about clutter. My home continues to have clutter removed..I can’t take it with me … there isn’t room in my internal space to carry around the burden of clutter. There needs to be room for creativity to blossom and it shouldn’t have to push the clutter – internal or external – out of the way.

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