I just had to breathe in a bit of spring -so on monday I went for a run and then down to our local whimsical garden shop – Thyme in the Garden. And I succombed to a book I have coveted forever: Tasha Tudor’s Garden. I first read about Tasha Tudor as a little girl -in the pages of my Grandmother’s  “borrowed” Victoria magazines. She’s captured me since. Before I decided that things like penicillian, trousers, and rights were necessary, I wanted to step into the 1800s. Old Salem or Tasha’s world. Though Tasha walked among us until a few years ago – she slipped into the fantasies of the early 1800s and didn’t look back. One thing I’ll say for her self sufficient and industrious heart – she believed that roses were as valuable as snap beans.

For this upcoming year I’m thinking about the necessary. I have one motto I’m trying to remember for fall 2011 -and that is – “Charming, but Toasty.” It’s been a long winter here in NC. Snowing as we speak – and it has been for 2 days. In March. I know all you yanks think that is laughable but to have consistent snow in March in North Carolina after the bounteous amounts we’ve had already – well it’s like we’re trying to remember what times were like back when Cold Mountain was still cold.

So – Old Salem, Tasha Tudor, Self-Sufficiency, Necessity, and Toasty Charm. I think we might be finding our inspiration.

Tasha and Peonies.


~ by unabashedapparel on March 3, 2010.

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