Dear IRS,

It’s been 3 days and I’m starting to smell. No – not because I haven’t showered, but because I’m staring at numbers and they aren’t waistlines or hip measurements. At this point I would surely like to ask if we could just pinky swear, cross hearts, or spit on the ground together. Also – I paid more in a little love note last weekend for having my hound off leash than I think I made in the whole of 2009.

At first it was cute. I had my coffee, beautiful shamrocks in a lovely colored vase and papers -in piles. I even called my parents to tell them about my fond memories of the month long teeth grinding they used to do at the dining room table. I’m a big girl now. And today I’m telling you what – if I hadn’t had trashy tv -I wouldn’t be civil. Do you know what that’s like for a southern to say I couldn’t be civil??? So I’m starting to tweak and I think I should be done.

Hows about this – I’ll give the swear to end all swears that I’m not fooling -I made nothin’ and you can record it and we’ll be done. Great.

I swear to God Grandma and Jesus, I don’t owe you a dime.



p.s. You do owe me đŸ™‚

Day 1 about 45 mins. in


~ by unabashedapparel on February 24, 2010.

2 Responses to “Dear IRS,”

  1. Sarahbeth! What did I tell you about attempting to do your own taxes!? Remember when Chris tried to do it himself? Yeah he went crazy!

  2. Two words:

    H&R Block.

    Do it. Worth it. I promise.

    Love you!

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