Building me

Lucky for me I had good people. Really good people – who helped to build my character, my responsibility, and my present-ness. I had your Magic Godmother, your Steward Grandmother, a Mom who went after her dreams to heal others.

And uniquely – I had a friend. Someone who felt driven at a young young age to be present, to ask hard questions and to give back. She took my frustration and showed me what to do with it. I won’t lie, volunteering with this sister of mine was often boring, hard work and took away from normal teenage saturdays – which would have involved writing bad poetry and pining over someone unspectacular.

In essence, watching her made me want to stop bitching and start acting. With fire o’ plenty – she showed me how to build it safely – and she inspires me still.

There is a part of all of my unabashed sisters that make up my dresses and bits. I spin in their character, their spunk and their eloquence. Jamey is one large reason the root of Unabashed apparel is organic.

I can’t help but love pretty threads, romantic pictures and too many shoes. So I take these loves of mine, I ask the hard questions – and hopefully we journey on towards responsibility.

So this sistergal has finally started a blog – I’ll be checking it every minute. Thanks for being James. Driving you around for a year was worth it. …though Dawson’s Creek nights were a slow torture…

See her Blog here:


~ by unabashedapparel on February 17, 2010.

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