Winter Blue

That’s what I’m trying for in the dye studio – that elusive grey blue -yet robin’s egg, pale morning – thank god there’s still a sun     somewhere. And I’ve added a dress to the collection. As of today. I’m not sure if my madness stems from an impish muse or a true procrastinator’s heart. My friend Apple says that it is always those pieces that I think up 10 mins. before a shoot or a show or a deadline that capture her. So today we’ll call it a muse – September picnics and tart apples -sharpened twig pencils and a hobo scarf tied full of trinkets like pebbles a harmonica and some lace. I’d be lying if I didn’t say this gal has a sexy appeal and a deep red wine twinkle in her eye. I’d be lying more if I didn’t own that I’m drinking that wine right now in my daddy’s old pewter stein. Ah well – to send us on our way – here are some detail pictures that we didn’t get to completely capture in the Spring shoot – stay tuned for the debut on our gorgeous new and improved website (trust me -it’s so good it hurts).

I know – some of them are blurry – I just snatched some quick impressions as we were breaking it all down the next day. I really can’t tell you how she does it – this Hallie gal of mine spins dreams with her hands – and some flax. Have you ever seen sawdust that sexy?


~ by unabashedapparel on February 3, 2010.

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