There you are

I’ve been looking for you

and I understand now – you’re rougish and full of intrigue in nature. You feel most at ease in the shadows. You wear a compass around your neck – not that you look at it – and you carry a sturdy bag -part suitcase part saddlebag in which there are useful and adaptable items. Like twine, an old knife, a flask of whiskey. Some folks get a quick glimpse at you and are reminded of Red Riding Hood. But you’re really more like Robin Hood or a Ranger. You have a camp in the woods – but it’s not home, you understand birds but a wolf is closer to your kin. You can ride a horse, but you prefer to be on foot because it’s easier to disappear. And when you do your laundry in a creek bed, a happenstance bywalker would be surprised to find you have sweet floral undergarments.

Nice to meet you. We have to get your wardrobe done in 7 days….


~ by unabashedapparel on January 27, 2010.

2 Responses to “There you are”

  1. yes. in love.

  2. can’t wait to play the part!

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