Some Days I’m a Rock Star

Only my good friends know how completely musically handicapped I am – and so now that we’re good friends – it’s your duty to send me good music so that when it’s a rainy, blustery and crisp day like today, I can light my witchy Salem candle, make a strong pot of coffee and listen to that music to draft rock star patterns. Because today. I am a Pattern Making Rock Star.

Dye studio days are trashy music days – but pattern drafting calls for musical brilliance and inspiration. I’m blessing the musical taste giftedness of an Apple and a Katydid.

Thanks gals.

Vintage Metal buttons are soaking in soapy water. Because I love vintage. Reuse all the vintage way – but I’m a virgo -so they need to be squeaky…


~ by unabashedapparel on January 24, 2010.

One Response to “Some Days I’m a Rock Star”

  1. i feel like i have failed you on this front lately. my cd maker is busted. sigh. I am sure ms katie has done better. but.. I will say that miss patty griffin has a new cd just out. they aren’t originals (mostly)…. it’s called downtown church. and its alotta gospel/spirituals… but where i come from thats not a bad thing. also has some miss emmylou on there. sigh… i might have to buy that for might drive. just a thought.

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