Slight panic mode. 2 photoshoots in 2 months = hysteria. Also – my sewing machine is acting up. I really need a backup. True to form – I have a m.i.a. model, photographer, location, and sanity. The world’s best stylist keeps reminding me that not everyone thinks 3 weeks before the shoot is panic time.

If you find me wandering aimlessly around in the next 2 weeks -kindly give me some coffee and lead me back to the studio…


p.s. when in panic – drool over boots…


~ by unabashedapparel on December 31, 2009.

2 Responses to “yep”

  1. When’s the shoot? If it’s on a weekend I can offer my modeling services… Unlike Linda Evangelista, I will get out of bed for less than $10000 a day. But only because it’s you 🙂

  2. girl. i saw some boots the other night in a store window that screamed… they mighta screamed apple if it weren’t for my exceedingly sturdy ankles.. but they def. screamed SB… the whole store kinda looked like it might be a place you’d like to go. which of course means i have to take my weeee cards and go back when they are open. but i will leave my wallet at home. ps. the boots looked alot like these. only a little taller and darker. yum.

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