i’ve been tweeting. i know. i’ve been keeping it from you. slightly embarrassed. i’m actually scanning the sky to see if the gods of technology are coming for me with suction cup monitors for my temples so that i don’t have to actually type or call or write anyone. some day soon you will see me running for the hills, pigeon in hand and smoke circle ideas in my head. i will write with a quill and speak only in poetic metaphor. this slow slide into a techno driven world is making me more romantic and wistful for olden times by the day. i may revive the petticoat. i may start to wear an apron -corners tucked into the strings with unshelled peas in its makeshift pocket. i may grow linen and shear sheep. but for now……

i twitter


~ by unabashedapparel on December 9, 2009.

One Response to “confession”

  1. i guess this means if you twitter that i have to drink the bitter tea and do it too huh? wow. I am following you to a technological tool… who woulda thunk? x,a
    ps. Tony flys in sunday if y’all haven’t left yet.

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