Some days I feel like I want to take everything out of the house, studio, collected mind of clutter and paint the walls the most matte eggshell and start again. With all the beautiful images and trends of the moments collected in my head, I think I forget what makes me feel most in harmony with myself and what I want to share.

Dark glossy wooden floors reflecting firelight.

Warm soft sweaters and hair swept up into a bun.

Fairytales and celebration of the quiet in the dark.

The quickening and that pale pale morning light.

Slip dresses worn with shit-kicker boots caked with mud.

Bare faces and freckles.

Swimming in a river.

Kale and wine.

Running in a sunshower.

Denim and its history reminding us that hard times and working hard to get through are nothin’ new.


Linen shirtdresses.

The fourth of July.


~ by unabashedapparel on December 6, 2009.

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  1. This list really does evoke a beautiful Sarahbeth-ness that’s hard to quantify. It makes me miss you even more, noodle. xoxoxo

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