Spring 2010

you should see the studio. A Wreck. not from fabric or thread, but from thousands of magazine clippings and postcards. I finally brought myself to pull down this seasons inspirations and tack up the upcoming year…

In the olde calendar, the end of october was the new year, and it makes a certain kind of sense, the trees put on all their best dresses and have a fiery show of it. So maybe that’s why I really can’t think about the next rotation of seasons until I squeeze the last drop of celebration out of the past year.

All the mighty large fashion designers have made lines for the spring full of bright colors and escapism. I’m feeling it’s a return to the 80’s era of neon. And I must say, age 7 – department store shopping with mom for back to school – I almost had a hissy fit over the lack of calm. I mean I felt my first real intense moment of frustrated dissatisfaction in fashion. The neons offended my very nature. They still do. And I think that I like life simpler, calmer, a tad bit slower. If the recession has taught us anything I hope it’s that we are missing life when we’re so consumed with things and money and faster faster. We say we’d rather be happy than wealthy – but I’m not sure we really mean it. And why not, it’s human nature to want more than enough padding to survive. We haven’t caught up with the notion that we are fed and sheltered and whole. At least, in this country… so here’s to simple charm and function and touchable beauty. Here’s to contentment and hard work and staying present. Finding joy in the reality and not needing to escape from it…

Inspiration: Spring 2010

urbandesignlilyofthevalleyPhotography by www.urbandesign.etsy.com



photography by Sarah Maingot



Heart of Ireland Pebble Pots




Tee printz on etsy


~ by unabashedapparel on November 9, 2009.

2 Responses to “Spring 2010”

  1. I love the keep calm print!

  2. Yes – it’s a very Lauralee sentiment and look…

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