Pig Latin

Actually – flu – pig flu – yes indeedy. I contracted it – thought I’d go round and get it first and then y’all could follow. So in honor of all that I am laid up in bed and missing this October – I thought I’d do up one hell of a blog post – starting with one of my favorite photographers Jane Heller:

janeheller.etsy.comthat’s: www.janeheller.etsy.com

So as it seems I’m about to miss throwing a shindig for my most favorite season/holiday of the year – I think I’ll extend the good ole pumpkin carvin’, seed roasting and otherwise jovial good times to our thanksgiving celebration that we’re hosting at Pumpkin Hill this year.

In honor of Autumn/ All Hallow’s Eve and all her glory –  here are a few inspirations:

bigolebagThis bag is from one of my most favorite haunts: Plumo – the lovely british line

The nice leather carry-all reminds me simultaneously of Mary Poppins and a farm gal who just chopped enough wood to heat her whole cozy cottage… or maybe a tad naughty modern witch – who carries all her bits and baubles with which to do her dealings…

SiriusearringAh Plumo – how I love thee! This earring seriously says: alpha canis majoris.

emeraldcobblestoneTo carve pumpkins, or hand out candy:

Bullfinch & Barbury’s Emerald Bangle Set

Unabashed apparel’s Cobblestone Pullover in Quill and Circe Top in Marigold

whimsicalwitchsaltBlack Salt for Protection

– throw it over your shoulder on your All Hallow’s Eve Adventures

By Whimsical Witch

cinderellaslipperIn my world – these are the slippers I would wear as cinderella:



May you be spared the flu, and Happy Hauntings to you all!


~ by unabashedapparel on October 23, 2009.

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