So I previously mentioned that I didn’t love one of the fall pieces that I’d designed. I dreamed up a dress to replace it and I’m well on the way to making it right – here’s a preview of a dress named Ranna:



The back has a row of elastic gathers to give it some definition. I’m still hashing it all out – I think the sleeves and dress itself need to be longer – I may braid the ribbon and have it close with a button or two -or maybe a hook – we’ll see… I also have this one coming in ink. I can’t wait to get them all finished.


~ by unabashedapparel on August 27, 2009.

4 Responses to “Ranna”

  1. Want.

  2. oooohhhhh I like….

  3. yes. i hear the tinkling of a wee bell. moggett is yawning. sleeves just past elbows? ok thats a lie- maybe ..what would that be- 2 inches past? no…1 and 1/2… I always like dresses longer- but then I don’t have your fab legs. tho I am working on it. 😉 beautimus.

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