countdown to crazy

No – actually – I’m on target – mostly. I do have a bad tendency to keep thinking of things that I want to get done that take me just one step further. So after today the fashion shoot items should be done – and the Katydid dress should be drafted and tomorrow I will mock it all up – and maybe cry with relief. During the crunch of the season sewing I constantly feel like I need a fancy device on my brain that transmits thoughts of love and care to my loved ones that don’t really hear from me – or if they do – it’s to apologize for them not hearing from me. I’m in a constant state – of -Wait – who do I need to call! THREAD. Did I call them already? BUTTON. Was I supposed to meet someone yesterday? DYE FABRIC. Was I supposed to meet them today? WINE. ….and sadly -this season has gone really well and I’ve plodded steadily – for me – steadily along – whew. Moments like these I so understand what made JK Rowling come up with House Elves.

Are you ever surprised at what makes you go – oh right – I’m a fill in your blank here – -for me – it was this fancy clock that we got off our soon -we think – to be temp. roommate. I’ve needed a clock in my studio since god was a boy – A Large One. If you know me even a little – you’ll know that dates and time simply fall through my hands. But today – I have a clock and I am sooo an apparel designer.

IMG_1629See the water damage on the wall there – I can’t bear to paint over it – it connects me to the women who lived in these rooms and painted them and put up the vintage wallpaper.

Okay – came across some pictures of me – looking like a fashion-ey designer -wearing my rendition of as 80’s as I will go. Love my patent leather vintage oxfords. Everything else – Unabashed apparel baby. Yep.



~ by unabashedapparel on July 27, 2009.

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