Crimson Velvet Golden Pumpkins

Just a few things that are inspiring me this week -when I’m not dead on my feet…

IMG_1618I keep coming home to beautiful surprises – my velvet ribbon order, my stamp for the back of my hang tags…

IMG_1619This has been inspiration for years. I had this dried little pumpkin atop a collection of golden star sequins – and then I came across this wee change purse that embodied the marriage of the two -mmm –

IMG_1622something so romantic about out-of-focus bouquets of flowers – especially when there’s sea holly involved – it may be my most favorite -if I had a most favorite…

IMG_1624And my fall/winter wall of inspirations. If you have an eagle eye -you may be able to spot Miss Lia Bowen’s gorgeous enameled wearable art –


~ by unabashedapparel on July 24, 2009.

One Response to “Crimson Velvet Golden Pumpkins”

  1. i spy, i spy….. but damn it I wanna see it up close!!!!! you tease! also loving the ribbon.

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