Old Quills and Wardrobes and such

Hallie and I have been planning for the fall shoot and I’m getting very excited. And trying not to fret about everything that must happen between now and then. I’m a super fretter. I’ve been dreaming of mulled wine, bonfires, grey skies, snow flurries and warm wraps found in a large old wardrobe for so long n0w – that when I pop outside – I try to wrap my brain around the balmy summer. The last few days have been cool and breezy and I think my autumnal thoughts are wearing off on the weather-makers.

So a tad bit of inspiration and a sneak peak at Cobblestone in Quill:




p.s. I picked up Lia Bowen’s (of Bullfinch and Barbury) bangles and baubles on Monday. We’re using her lovely masterpieces in the shoot and I can not wait to see the final outcome – but lemme just tell you – these gorgeous cuffs and bangles just sing. I will be oh so sad to send them back – I’m trying to decide which ones want to come live permanently with me. The colors and combinations are just decadent. Oh my….


~ by unabashedapparel on July 22, 2009.

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