a long time old friend

I’ve missed you all. And while I’ve been away, busy getting used to my new job, and hosting out of town friends, and working on the fall line – my garden has flourished, and my goddaughter grown, and the 4th of July has happened and the weeks flown and very very soon I’ll be flying to see a bright-eyed girl all blushed with love and laughter getting ready for her nuptial day. There’s so much to do. And I’ll admit that in some ways I’ve taken a pause – and ripped up my front walk and received my I-told-you-sos from a GraciaMae. And that’s been good too. For the first time in a long while, I feel like I’m living my life instead of it living me. 

So a couple of pictures to capture the last few weeks. p.s. I love the 4th of july


IMG_1478frontrippedupwalkYes, yes I did – well Tony did – and I did some – and Gracia helped and regardless – it was a big ole’ Mess -with a capital M.


goodatonyclosedsbsfavoriteIn order: Tony teaching Gracia and Vega how to play poker. The Walk, or the lack of one. 4th of July night above the city waiting for fireworks – we sat next to a college kid crowd. I think we look so good when we’re young, because we feel so awkward. I can say that with full understanding because I refuse to put up the pictures of me and Fennel (who was also visiting this past week) -I looked just plain fat – not fat with whipped cream and icing -just fat without scrumptiousness. Apple and Tony came home to go to a gorgeous wedding – and they looked just dapper. Apple is in Unabashed apparel head to toe. I love sewing for her – she brings out the most fun bits of antique, spicy, romantic, magical sprite in me. I think this fall line is my song dyed and sewn for her. This summer and spring were definitely composed for LMay.

Apple also got my colour names figured out. I had names for their essence for dying – but not their spiritual nature. When she walked into the studio and said, I love your marigold -I knew my fall Muse had arrived. And so the names are:

Marigold (for the Dia De Los Muertos not for summertime)  




and Ink (we think)

And for those of your trying to reach me – my phone took on a poltergeist and quit.


~ by unabashedapparel on July 5, 2009.

3 Responses to “a long time old friend”

  1. I have to admit… this post makes me right homesick for Pumpkin Hill.

    Everything looks beautiful.

    Love you-

  2. JEEEEAAAN! It was you! You trickster hoodlum – I was on the phone with you -you remember -the last time when we got cut off and POOF – my phone died DED. Yep. I miss you. I want to talk to you soon – damn it. Must go get new phone today…

  3. Hmmmm…Cordial….sounds perfect for me! What piece shall I purchase in Cordial this Fall? That is the question. I figure if I cannot have my SB on a daily basis, I need to at least be able to wrap myself up in her. (or at least her latest creation).


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