Summer Winds

It’s been such a nice fabric dying day. The Old North Wind has been blowing itself into my little dye room and providing such a nice breeze to abate my hot dye water. The North Wind seems to be choosing to visit us often this year and I wonder what change and mystery it brings with it. My little garden has a permanent southern lean to it from being tossed that way by the strong mistral. 

Yesterday we went up to Crow Dog Bald to join in some revelry -and of-course, to see the God Baby. She has a tooth. I know.  



~ by unabashedapparel on June 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “Summer Winds”

  1. She is soooo beautiful, and you look soooo comfortable with her. Hugs & kisses….

  2. Look at my baby! Love it fellow Godmama!

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