Have I ever told you about…

my child-like love of trains? about my new part time job? and about dressing like a 40’s female detective?

I live on the top of a hill by the French Broad River and by that river there is a train track. Every day and every night if you hold still you can hear and feel those trains. I am just gleeful about a train.

 I went to visit Waechter’s new locale a few months ago – I was blown away. For those of you who don’t know – Waechter’s is one of the country’s last fine fabric stores. When I first moved to Asheville as a young fry – we had no chain fabric store and I was scared by the two independently owned fabric stores in Asheville – House of Fabrics and Waechters. I had never really seen fine fabric and I’ll admit the price tags scared me a bit. A few years later I felt like I had discovered a pot of gold unawares. Not only do those fine fabric ladies know more about sewing and fabric – they have become great friends of mine. Well – back to the trains – it was time for me to move on from my job of 5 years and manage my own burgeoning dream – but I needed a reliable small income – and I happened to walk into the new Waechter’s store. When I’m not in my studio working – this is where I work: the back door – my skylight over my desk and the trains that blow by the back door…


waechters back doorIMG_1381IMG_1379IMG_1386IMG_1393IMG_1377

You know I’m listening to Midnight Train to Georgia as I’m typing this… in my 40’s female detective outfit – skirt made by Julie Fennell



~ by unabashedapparel on June 10, 2009.

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