Naturally – I have so much to do and so many things changing – that I’ve come down with a virus. What is up with me – I haven’t had anything worse than 1/2 a cold for 10 years. Sheesh. But – on the upside – I’ve decided it’s a 24 hour virus. The end. So today I plan to drink a lot of water and lounge on the upstairs bed and gaze longingly at my studio. In honor of that – I thought I’d share a little still life – centered around a present Katydid recently sent me. IMG_1309Old pin cushions, old carved print block, and Nifty figurine from Lenae May on Etsy. My very own suffragette doll named Prudence. Here’s to hoping the rest of you stay virus free. p.s. my moma actually told me to make sure it wasn’t a flu – you know the one… like my paranoia needs help…


~ by unabashedapparel on May 21, 2009.

One Response to “ugh”

  1. How are you feeling? Remember, don’t take too much cough syrup like your formerly wheezy friend here!

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