Oh my…

I just found out that Kara Larson, creator of Kara-line dresses and owner of Tumbleweed boutique has a blog. I’ve been in love with Larson’s digs since God was a boy – or to be more honest – since I happen-chanced to pick up a magazine at the local oil-change place and stumbled upon her gorgeous wedding article. Having designed and sewn for a long ole’ time -reading about her and her wares helped give me the gumption to kick up my cowgirl-boots and slug out there on my own. Sewing machine and dreams! So here’s the link to her blog – thank god for the kindred spirits of the world!


This image from the blog just sums it on up for me:

kara-line and Tumbleweed

When I go to visit my Katydid in August – Tumbleweed boutique is the one place on my list I just have to go. Stay tuned for sketches of Katy’s wedding dress – my god is it going to be beeea-u-tiful…


~ by unabashedapparel on May 13, 2009.

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