Lemonade and jackie-o’s

Okay – so the neat thing about designing for a performer is it pushes me to get out of my regular Unabashed apparel box. Kellin has a great sultry blues stylish and bit of vintage vibe. These pictures don’t do these guys justice – high waist bit o’ stretch Black sateen cotton skirt with flat lemon buttons – mmmhmm. And then because I can’t help but use some old south influenced seersucker – simple halter but classic. 

lemonade and jackie-osIMG_1246















~ by unabashedapparel on May 11, 2009.

2 Responses to “Lemonade and jackie-o’s”

  1. Seersucker makes life worth living.

    Re: Kellin Watson – Once when I was DJing on the UNCA radio station she was waiting outside the booth to be interviewed. As I came out she told me that I had a great radio voice and that I sounded very NPR – I briefly considered changing career tracks based on that comment… some days I wish I had. 🙂

    • Oh God -she’s so right – you do! I mean you know I’ve always loved your stories – and you do sound very NPR in the best ways possible – and being southern girls – we know all about the blessings of seersucker..,mmmhmmm!

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