A Burgeoning Saturday

There always comes the day when I look up and find that all the trees are green and the birds are singing and I think – what was so important that I didn’t notice this? I mean I noticed bits – god knows when the daffodils poked their heads up I was ecstatic. I love this poem – quote – haikuey-thing:

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.

-Lao Tzu

And in honor of that very nice thought I give you this – the fruits of my “toss and squint” method of gardening:













To be fair -picture to the upper left = toss and squint – god only knows what they’ll grow up to be!

Picture to the upper right – I love an old fashioned money plant – I grabbed a couple of leaves 2 years ago – and well – the whole street has reaped the benefits of those ingenious little seeds

… and then there’s my herb garden.

Off to the fabric store – I might be sorely tempted by the plant store – and then to the studio to cook up some things for the lovely Kellin Watson who is about to embark on a long tour in California!

Happy Saturday! p.s. I confess I really want to throw on wife of Jip-type clothing. I’m appealing to my higher self to jump in and intervene. Big Smile.



~ by unabashedapparel on May 9, 2009.

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