Gearing up for a change…

As many of you know – there are things moving and shaking here at Ua. Exciting, scary and good. Thank goodness for coffee – a good view out the studio window and a wonderful project for a best friend. I am going to embark on a few different things this next week and create a couple of reclaimed pieces for sale. I have a wonderful eyelet that I need to burn to figure out its origins – a great cotton plaid that I think I need a summer vest out of – and maybe another vest to sale. I just love a good vest. And a sweet piece of linen that I has yet to tell me what it wants to be when it grows up. I’ve also been dreaming about a long swoopy strapless dress made out of some blue ticked linen that my Nana gave me years ago… Katy remembers it as my first drafted pair of pants in college – they never got worn or re-purposed – they were that bad… Ugh. Oh how I am seriously cringing remembering that disaster. For all of you novice sewers out there who are learning by the seat of your pants like I am/did – listen to me now. Do not drape pants. Do not think you magically understand their pattern. Draft draft draft. Ugh. That bad.  On another note – I’ve been having a design crush on Jenny over at Wikstenmade.I love her simple artful swede influenced style. Okay and one more: Filly Designs I really admire her design work and her thoughts on life – check out her blog. I find that we often end up asking the same questions. 

That’s all for now – happy thursday!



~ by unabashedapparel on May 7, 2009.

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