Strawberry Fields Blouse – and well -my hair

I made a blouse today that I’d been dreaming about making since I bought this sweet red remnant. It reminds me -not really of the song (and those of you that know me are pretty impressed that I know Strawberry Fields is a song at all) – but of the globe amaranth named Strawberry Fields. It’s one of my most favorite flowers. On the other hand – my hair is reminding me of the lovely Beatle boys currently. Ah well – casualty of growing my hair back out. There was always going to be a day I needed but a mustache and better singing abilities – and you’d call me Ringo. 






~ by unabashedapparel on May 4, 2009.

2 Responses to “Strawberry Fields Blouse – and well -my hair”

  1. Cute top! And you as Ringo… hehehe! Now all you need to do is learn the words to “Yellow Submarine.” (Also, for the record, I AM impressed that you know that “Strawberry Fields” is a song!)

    In other news, the mommy-in-law loved her scarf and said you were very talented. Wish I could post comments about the scarf on Etsy and encourage people to buy one!

  2. the top is super cute!! I love love love the wee buskins in the posterior region …(ringo- te heee.. we won’t talk about my hair which is also “growing out” not by any plan or design- but lack of time- currently pinned back by no less than 20 bobby pins.) and I am very proud of you for knowing who ringo is- much less the song… but don’t sing the songs- i happen to know they make gracia twitch. 😉

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