My name is Sarahbeth and I have a problem…

Right – so I’ve been sick – like really truly – miserable/ pitiful/ cranky/ angry (cause I have like 50 things or more to do before Sat.)  sick. But I promised Gracia -like – 4 weeks ago that I would tackle finding a home for my folded laundry. I have 3 addictions. In order: Clothes, Magazines, Coffee. and nailpolish  i know that’s four -shut up. I’m also a minimalist – or – I like what it looks like when I am. So I have a small closet and a small dresser. And a tupperware – like a ginormous one your moma would have got at a super size tupper party. In that tupper lives my off-season clothes. And it stays in the storage area of our small small house. If I wasn’t so sick – I could have really used a drink for “the switch” and the home-finding for the folded items… so instead – I’m blogging. To cope. Dear lord.



~ by unabashedapparel on April 23, 2009.

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