Did I mention -Trunk Show!

Okay – so I’m battling a riotous cold because I should be battling fabric – and that’s how I seem to roll… Oh well. So there will be wine, fizzy beverages to those of y’all with wine aversions. Cheese and other little bits to eat. I’ve always loved those dainty little cucumber sandwiches – I think my-friend-Jean and I used to have a race to see who could fit the most in her mouth. Not too popular at tea parties as is turned out… oh well. We probably won’t be having those – because men are welcome and will be here and I think cucumber sandwiches scare them a bit.

Did you know Mother’s Day is coming up? I do – but only because the man has gotten to me and I’m shamelessly plugging this here trunk show as a one stop shop and make-yo-moma-proud, or-cry extravaganza. JPDub would be oh so proud. Tell all your friends. We will have sweet small and wonderful art, great works of wood like perfect cutting boards, butcher-blocks, and other Chris Perryman type items that make you swoon – and of course all my lovelies – scarves, wraps, tops, organic one and all maybe a bag or broochey-thing – I haven’t exactly decided.

And my house will be clean. And pretty. Okay okay: This Saturday April 25th 12 -5ish



~ by unabashedapparel on April 20, 2009.

3 Responses to “Did I mention -Trunk Show!”

  1. she seriously photographed the toilet graveyard.. help me..

  2. yes, yes I did. I’m not ashamed – though I am feelin’ like you might be glad you aren’t chained up in the attic no mo’…

  3. not at all… i just think its funny.

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