Smokey Fall…

So now that the Spring and Summer line is done – I am dreaming of a sultry, smokey, lucious Fall line. This is miraculous. I have wondered for years if I would ever find myself capable of creating a line for the complete opposite season. I know the overwhelming mood I’m going for and months ago I sketched some ideas – but now I’m looking for the story in it all. Is it any surprise I have some costume design in my background?

Mood – these are pieces that are influencing my every Fall thought:

fallinspirationaufildeohmy – I neeeed this picture by: aufilde – any takers, any? Oh well – worth a shot…

modernalchemysalemWhen in Charleston, ofcourse, I came upon this swanky candle line – and found this gem of gems. A candle called Salem that smells -my hand to the gods – just like witches. It was expensive – I was on a budget – I passed it up and it’s been haunting my dreams. Like a spell with tendrils – it’s wound into my hair and makes me wish I was made of money for a wee minute. Check out their website – it’s magically perfect – seriously I haven’t hankered after a candle like this – well – ever…

And this haunting image by Scott Schuman:

…and this one:

And then there’s these notebooks from



And this necklace from

Smokey eyes, red stained lips, suede, heathered deep charcoal and midnight purpley-deep deep blue. Lucious red, Ink Bottle green, weathered leather and twilight on pumpkins, lots and lots of smokey tendrils, a shock of orchid against a deep canvas – too many magic filled dreams…

Do you really think Circe was all that bad?…


~ by unabashedapparel on April 10, 2009.

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