Mighty Pleased-

If my Sapphire could see my face that’s what she’d say, “Don’t we look mighty pleased with ourselves.” And so I do. I am updating etsy photos and putting up new items right and left and I am so tickled with the way the photo shoot turned out I can hardly stand it. (And I have my dog illegally on my bed -but on her own blankey, snoring in the sun). I almost don’t know what to do with myself. I want to call all my helpers and just blabber on about their kindness and I want to keep working on etsy and I want to sew. I mean SEW – which is a miraculous desire after sewing 4 days straight – and is a direct result of the purty girls, the purty friends and complete satisfaction. So once more THANK YOU!!! 

My sweet Hallie hoodlum was the stylist for my photo shoot – she fan-angled stuff for two separate locations and turned my front porch into a 1930s-1940s inspired dream. After it all was said and done I realized I had forgotten to take pictures using the gorgeous farm table that she set up and so I snapped a couple of shots just to show you its prettiness:




~ by unabashedapparel on April 6, 2009.

3 Responses to “Mighty Pleased-”

  1. The etsy pictures look GORGEOUS! I am so jealous that I couldn’t have been there to see it all go down. Keep up the great work, friend.

  2. Baby, get ready to sew ’cause I’m ordering one of them purty camisoles.
    Great pictures and what a lovely location for a fashion shoot! You should be pleased with yourself!

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