Peachy goodness

Well here it is – the retro peach color I was going for and the Tarte Camisole:

img_0915img_09131Organic hand-dyed tissue weight cotton. Spaghetti  organic cotton w/ vintage lace criss cross straps. Shell edge rolled hem. It’s interesting how sometimes a design I thought would be fantastic ends up not so great in real life and then there are the ones like this camisole that after some tweaking I just love. How perfect would this guy be with a grey cashmere button-up sweater next to a early Spring bonfire…. anyone for buying me a grey cashmere sweater? Anyone? Oh well… worth a shot.


On another note – I often get the leftover goodies of trial runs, misdyes – what-have-yous, and so I present my tweaked version of the Grapevine Tunic – using up some leftover fabric:

img_0911That accordion pleating is a fantastic vintage slip I picked up from Etsy. I’m super happy about my green buttons there at the top.

img_0916Okay – off to sew – so so much to do for this weekend’s fashion shoot. I’ll try and post the Strawberry colored pieces as they get done this week – the color turned out just gorgeous.


~ by unabashedapparel on March 30, 2009.

3 Responses to “Peachy goodness”

  1. Um, I need the tarte camisole in a bad way. Will now stalk your etsy site until it’s posted.

  2. That is an absolutely b-e-a-utiful color. I want!

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