Confession 547 -okay – #3

Inspiration is a key ingredient I spend way too much time on. I am an aspiring minimalist. Except for magazines. I collect pretty pictures with the fervor of some folks w/ religion. And I hoard them in places that should belong to fabric. I rip out pages of brilliance – well lets be honest – mediocreness in an otherwise crap publication. I started stealing my grandmother’s Victoria at the age of 8. She’s bought me my own subscription since I was 10. My mother’s worst move in the history of my motherdom was throwing out a whole passel of Victoria’s when I was away at camp – age 14. In the house of my dreams there is a tall slightly hidden hallway with old wood shelves and one of those rolley ladders. Magazines are arranged in order to inspiration type – a system known only by me. I climb up the ladder and it magically rolls to the right section. I have on my studious glasses and for the sake of dreaming – some of those high heels I’d break my neck in normally. Visitors think it’s a library filled with beloved books – and I let them…



~ by unabashedapparel on March 15, 2009.

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