Picnics and deep fashion thoughts… who knew…

Okay – we go on Sundays, God willin’ and the creek don’t rise, to a gorgeous corner of WNC to see our baby, her dogs and sometimes her parents. Normally we tally-ho after a long day of working in the studio for me – but we had to change things up a bit and go in broad daylight yesterday. I told the guilt urchins to leave me be and we had a wonderfully lazy picnic. Kindof – I tend to run about a bit. Okay – so this leads me to part 2 – deep fashion thoughts:

We all know I’m a recovering Virgo – and as a lover and designer of pretty clothes this often gets in my way – then again – it’s quite helpful. I just can’t seem to argue myself into stiletto picnics. I’m sure my friends are very pleased – what w/ the hiking and the previously mentioned running around. But – I look at different blogs and I ask myself, do these people wear these glorious and ‘spensive outfits out to weed the garden? Scrub the bathroom? To bonfires, and evening outdoor urban homestead twilight gatherings? Lets be real honest – to pick up the dog shite in the steep and slippery backyard?  On the other hand I also think that my virgo can and does overpower my fanciful and I find myself sometimes looking like a mother of 3 on a dairy farm with no end of cowpies in sight –  And so I’ve decided to make a good effort to not look like I’m married to a man named Jip with a cattle dog named Kip and three J-named little heathens clinging to my cattle 80’s jean hem. (That gave ya a real picture story didn’t it). Also I’m clumsy. I’m clumsy the way god is holy – it is just a thing that cannot be separated from my being. I might be coming up w/ rules for myself like: I may put on my high heels to gather the mail or walk into a classy restaurant – but probably not a lot more adventurous than that. We’ll see. It’s pretty funny to run into old acquaintances at the video store and have them ask, “What are you doing now?” and realize that we look quite married to Jip – and smile a painful smile and say, “I’m a women’s apparel designer.” So I will both be able to weed the garden, work in the studio and look fetching. Damn it. 

Day one: THE PICNIC. (I was quite fetching).


img_0810img_0813img_0843img_0850Big skirts = twirl. Twirl = dogs. They just loved a skirt twirl. I love this picture. Hallie always looks fetching -something about being tall and thin and auburn haired and freckled. I’m coming back red-headed.

Okay – vintage tartan halter dress and

my trusty brown cowgirl boots -easiest damn things to hike in. No, seriously. 

And my $2 Jackie O white sunglasses. Always $2ish dollars –  always meeting fatal ends.  – And that’s that.


~ by unabashedapparel on March 9, 2009.

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