Sprites, Imps, Urchins, the fey in general have been tinkering with my dye baths. UGH. And therefore – I have been too grumbly to blog or go back down into the room of horrors and try again. I was having such a good run too! I confidently cut out 8 different pieces and threw them in the water with abandoned glee only to shriek at the outcome: Boca Raton Coral. I mean B-o-c-a, boca. If anyone out there just happens to have always wanted that color, in lets say an Unabashed apparel Organic Cabbage top – let me know, I’ll make you a damn fine deal. I’m getting over myself and getting back down to business this evening. Everyone think Peach thoughts, or Grape Hyacinth – we’ll see where the mood leads me…

whenever this happens I find myself dreaming fondly of the next season’s colors that dye perfectly in my head….


~ by unabashedapparel on March 5, 2009.

One Response to “Pixies”

  1. over dye …re-dye…. you can make that color something else. boca coral is never ok. (unless you are my mom).. it will all be ok. freak things happen sometimes.

    oh, and i hate to inform you of this but there is a book series you need to read- you arent going to like m when i tell you what it is… but its really good……

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