Our adventure in Paradise

What can I say – but that I took a fanciful ferry ride over to the most spectacular island – with my water-fearin’ dawg and tent, forgetting about her reaction to the wild horses, armadillos, alligators and poisoness snakes and it was quite an interesting time. Cumberland was bee-u-tiful. Vega was not. Bless her. She felt it was her duty to protect the family. Gracia, Hallie, Bella, and myself were her personal charges and she had to let every armadillo, person or wayward leaf know about it. She even tried to guard MaryJo’s house – from MaryJo -who was, by the way, an inspiration of gracious hostessness. We got off the ferry bedraggled from Vega’s panic attack about open water – and there MaryJo stood – I could see dress and Organic Daily apparel sketches whirling in my head all titled “The Innkeep.”

Okay back to the dog misadventure:  I finally tied her beastieness to the outside banister on the deck so I could get a little peace and eat my dinner. It’s not a good feeling when you hear a jingle by your head knowing that jingling collar couldn’t possibly be that close. Oh but she chewed her leash plum off, and I had no car to lock her badness in – what with the ferry ride. I’ll forgo telling you about the one night we got 2 hours of sleep in our tent because we ran Vega 6 miles and then drugged her. Yes I said it, I did it, hell -sweet Hallie suggested it – and she -meaning Vega – slept like the dead – while the rain was pouring into our tent to beat the band. It was quite an adventure – and here are a couple of pictures of our beautiful day there:


img_0729You can see here – Vega is “On Guard” – god amighty she was ferocious…











img_0758img_0753 I loved this house – it was my favorite out of all the pretty buildings I saw – and naturally – it was the oldest. Look at the green man fountain! …


~ by unabashedapparel on February 27, 2009.

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