Georgia, oh sweeeet Georgia

img_0684Oh such a mighty fine time we had! The groove was on and the spanish moss plentiful. Had lunch/ coffee at the cutest cafe – waiters so fine they even brought the beastie a water bowl. Here we are (or here I am and Vega’s leash is) meandering in Forsyth Park. Now are we all saying it co-rectly? That’s Fohsyth Park. I mean even the bums were sweet. Taught us how to use the doggie-water-fountain – no I am not kidding – Savannah – you are a mighty fine friend. img_0696God doesn’t this window speak volumes of victorian pleasure. Little did I know (because the park names were all confundling) it was right across the street from the infamous Johnny Mercer house – oh you know the one – the story and the movie – ’bout being in gardens past your bedtime. Anyhow – how was I to know I was in Monterey Park – when the statue was to Pulaski – and there’s a whole ‘nother park deticated to that gentleman, yet they buried him in Monterey. Just like Southerners – confuse folk awhile sos you can draw out a perfectly succinct story about it, like this one here… 

img_0697I love a good wishin’ well. What did I wish for? Hell I can’t remember – but she showed up out of the blue anyway…img_0702I am, in the words of my sapphire, Plum Tickled. Looky here – I’ve got my Gracia – oh lord those blue eyes, my Hallie – and here she is sporting not only an Unabashed apparel top – and I’m taking the opportunity to say the girl looks best in somethin’ I’ve sewn, but also sporting my baby. No – I did not birth her – Hallie handled all that for me. But just look at her. Looks just like me. Vegadawg is under the table – effectively pulling it away from us. 

What’s that, you want more pictures?

Gorgeous girly statues













and then the most charmin’ gent that said,” You want to take my picture?” I said, “How did you know?”



And then one of my most favorite pictures. Do you know what happens when you’re magically inclined and think things like, Hallie needs to see this Paris Market – it embodies Hallie everything, – well naturally -she shows up – toting your baby and your girl a good 5 hours ahead of rendez-vous time. Yes indeedy. Here is one of my most favorite moments:


And one more – this one is for Jean the Queen – a picture of her goddawg – and a purty ship, and for good measure – it happens to be by the original river to the coined and oft used phrase,  – Down by the river where the doves go “coo coo”

img_0705Look at that leash – all sparkly and new in the sunlight. It’s demise is another story inside the epic… stay tuned…


~ by unabashedapparel on February 23, 2009.

2 Responses to “Georgia, oh sweeeet Georgia”

  1. You’re my favorite 🙂 Okay, I’m officially in love with your new blue shirt with the green bits (you’re rubbing off on me!). I want to purchase one for myself. Crank up the sewing machine and I’ll write a check!

  2. Stinkin’ cute you are – and sweet as pie. Will do will do – see you wends.

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