Adventurin’ day 3…

Vegadawg and I realized that we are country mice not city rats. So We took a jaunt over to Sullivan’s Island. And on the way we found the Pages Thieves Market – what a great name for antiques, and the most wonderful lighting store called Candelabra – I have a serious thing for good lighting. We also found a fabulous cafe, Cafe Medley, on Sullivan’s Island – I seriously had the best mocha of my life – while Vega tried to be good and I wrote letters on the front deck.  img_0653img_0658Then we went to the beach and Vega got to experience sand for the first time in her life – and seagulls… she was born for seagulls…img_0661Man -isn’t she fierce. Seagulls everywhere beware, or fly towards water – she was scared shitless of the sea.

And I got a bit pink from the sun…img_0667Grapevine Tunic – you were a fabulous friend a la mer…


~ by unabashedapparel on February 21, 2009.

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