And on to the inspirations…

img_0615img_0622img_0635Twilight gas lit lanterns. Old old door knobs, handles, boot scrapers, letter boxes. Shiney from the countless touches. Worn crackling paint. Matte black. Hidden alleyways. A Cobblestone Street. Woody vines covering brick. Wrought iron. Ancient graveyards. Daffodil bulbs opening next to old epitaphs.  Kind shop keeps leaving out water bowls on stoops.


Magic, twilight, creeping vines. Botanical leanings. Library books and glasses perched on noses. I thought maybe I’d have next years Spring line – instead I got fall and winter 09 confirmed… and maybe a hint a some years spring – linen in soft and secret colors….


~ by unabashedapparel on February 19, 2009.

One Response to “And on to the inspirations…”

  1. Hey SB- love your blog and love you!!!!!!!!!!!! Val-ann

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