Home Again


Whoever originally said there’s no place like home – was right. But then again there’s no place like Charleston, Savannah or Cumberland Island either. 

So the trip was wonderful and thank you all for asking and thinking of me. I had good times – hard times -learning times and everything in between. I’ll tell you – there’s nothing like the love of your life rounding a corner in Savannah Georgia to make you really grateful. Vegadawg was superb. She even made a redneck tiddle himself – but I’m getting ahead of my stories…

So here I am drinking a glass of bad wine (do you know what you get in a purty labeled bottle of 4 dollar wine? – 4 dollar wine) on the front veranda of my farmhouse porch listening to the traffic  and the birds and seeing my misty mountains after a clean rain once again. It feels good to be home. I’d like to think I’m a bit wiser, more independent, and a bit more ready for the bend in the road. 

img_0611This is the sunset at the end of king street – into a park – across the harbor. The first night I was on my adventure. 

I’m not sure what I’d thought I’d find in Charleston – but what I found was an undercurrent wind blowing through the sad foundation of the south. You get off the highway in a poorer black neighborhood – you drive that road till it ends in an excess of a rich old white one. You see the old standing slave mart. You see the servants working the rich mansions. And you find the hidden doors, the small passages and the back ways into the reality of what built it all. I’ve wondered about whether or not to write about it. I’ve wondered whether or not to share my thoughts on a blog about my apparel design – but I think I have to. In part it explains why I won’t manufacture in China. Why I won’t let any factory do my dying or source out my labor. We have a duty. We have to bear witness to what’s gone on – is going on and will continue to if we don’t make the effort to stand up. I take a pause a lot in my days to question what makes me – and folks I know, care. Why don’t I want to buy a cheap bag at Walmart or make enough money that I too could own a chalet at the end of King street in Charleston. What makes people want to be or continue to be teachers, public servants, stewards. I think about what Gracia says, “I’m not an environmentalist to save the trees or birds, although I care about them – I’m an environmentalist to save us. If we don’t change -we will be wiped out -the earth is powerful force.” We must do better. We must not forget. We must realize that if we’ve always had shelter and food in our bellies – we’ve always been rich. I write this on my wireless internet laptop. For right this moment – I’m not confused. I’m quite clear. That I’ve been a lucky privilaged one. I don’t have many answers to what white folk do to help the huge race and class divide in our country. But I do know that one thing we do – is acknowledge – and show up.


~ by unabashedapparel on February 18, 2009.

One Response to “Home Again”

  1. You have moved my eyes to tears as I know yours are now wide opened for you have traveled and have found…

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