Wild Adventures

So as many of you know – I will be embarking on my first ever solo road trip this Sunday. I’m heading south – Charleston, Savannah, Cumberland Island… you get the idea – places where Scarlet could pop ’round the corner at any moment and “I declare” something. And if by chance any parentals or grandrentals are reading this blog – I will have Vega with me – fully fed and beastly. Lucifer himself would be wary of my hound. I’ve been told by several close Unabash-eds that I need to go on a vision quest, a shaman ride, a good old fashioned song screeching-alone-havin’ roadtrip. So here we do go – and the things to pack – hurumph! My virgo is strong on lists… All this to say – I look mightily forward to the inspirations that will come on the road and snaping up many a picture – and hopefully -fabric gods willing – wander into a vintage notions store full of velvet ribbons, lace and buttons. I have a feeling next spring line will be getting designed, in the french, tout de suite!

What am I wearing to drive down to The Great Ole South? Glad you asked, ahem:

img_0583Behold – the Grapevine tunic – and it’s wrinkly because I already wore it – and it was in the hamper… stinkin’ stinkin’ cute, and comfy…


~ by unabashedapparel on February 6, 2009.

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