WNC’s toughest critic

Well – if you ever need pure honesty – try your shit out on a 2 year old… 

We (Gracia and I) finally got an interview granted with the lovely Jill and her charismatic 2 year old, Aja. We had raisons, invisible tea, olive hummus and fancy crackers and that was all before Miss Aja went to bed. 

I brought over my first Wee Folk outfit to try out the sizing on Aja, and let me tell you – she had a thing or two to say:


bad picture of stinking cute pocket

“Pocket. Where’s the other one?!? Need another one!”

I’m not Woman enough to tell you what she said about the dress. (Pocket problems again – there was a theme). Try telling a two year old your adult reasoning on just the one pocket. You can’t. You say Yes Mam, I’ll do better. And so I shall. More pockets. Many many more. And I learned some valuable things about my sizing. Once Aja got past pocket deficiencies – I think she liked the duds. 

I’m telling you – good friends, good food, spirited 2 year olds, fashion design feedback and too many great conversations started to finish in one night – I had a blast. And I found a couple new additions to Unabashed apparel’s modeling lineup and feedback team. 


~ by unabashedapparel on January 18, 2009.

2 Responses to “WNC’s toughest critic”

  1. LOL – Love it!

  2. tx for sharing this us–the FUN evening and the post. anticipating spring chix holding–mother of wnc’s toughest critic.


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