Hello world! Unabashed apparel is going high tech… and getting a blog…


Navy Stretch Wool Crepe – swing shirt. Back darts. So Fun.

img_0530The first outfit in my Wee line! Soft wool red jersey kimono wrap and linen and batiste dress. Mmm!


The front of the Navy Swing shirt – button gathered side –

So as more and more folk ask me what I’m working on nowadays, and sewing – setting up a shoot and working take a while to get my dreams from incubation to reality – I thought – why not share the journey. After all – the theme this year seems to be all that crap about it being all about the journey not the destination. Good to have a theme though – great for perspective.

I can’t bring myself to part with good fabric – not even if it’s just a 1/4 yard scrap.  I have quite a collection. The good news is that my fairy godbaby  was born on the 1st of October and Bella Waters is Pure Inspiration. So I am growing another branch on the Unabashed apparel tree- a wee line for the tiny folk. Pictured above is the first outfit in the series.

I am so very excited about this –  The little red wool kimono wrap is so cute it hurts – little pocket with lace, lace bow with snap for easy wear and a sweet button on the center back of the neckline. The grey/blue variegated linen dress has a cotton batiste slip hem peeking out from underneath. Two cute gathered pockets for flowers or worms – depending on what your little girl collects. Three vintage buttons up the back and a little bit of sky blue zig zag seaming – Grandmas would die with delight!!! Look for them soon on my etsy sight. Each piece is one of a kind.  The ultimate reduce reuse – these reclaimed bits of fabric would have gone to the dump with most folk. And we all know what a problem I have with really good fabric.

And for us regular sized folk – I have a fantastic Stretch Wool Crepe Swing Shirt  – Navy Blue – and great white swiss buttons that gather the front.

Stay Tuned!


~ by unabashedapparel on January 15, 2009.

3 Responses to “Hello world! Unabashed apparel is going high tech… and getting a blog…”

  1. cool. what can I say.. i’m impressed with your new found fondness of technology. next bake off,, i wanna be wearing one of your dresses!

  2. Wow–so excited to read your blog–am one of your biggest fans–i want the ceramics in your kitchen and your talent on the sewing machine–the pictures you’ve posted are amazing–can’t wait to see more–thanks for sharing–

  3. shucks guys – too damn sweet – keep it up – and Mcswain I have the Perfect color to go w/ your eyes…. you bring the pie – I’ll make the dress.

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