A New Era

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The website is receiving the final touches – the shopping page will soon be as purty as the new site and other wee minor things will be spiffed up. So it’s time for me to take this blog and write directly on my gorgeous new journal. Yes indeedy – you will still get to tell me your thoughts and watch it all unfold – and trust me – we’ve got some beautiful, inspiring and -as always- sassy fun things in store.

Follow all the goings on at Unabashed apparel’s Journal:


I look forward to sharing and hearing from you there!


Good Things Come…

•April 19, 2010 • 1 Comment

To Those That Wait:

The new website is up and it is a stunner. In my opinion. I know I’m biased. But still. I keep strutting around the house making pleased noises – Vegadog looks at me and cocks her head like maybe I’m a rooster that needs to be pounced. Maybe I am…


Ah well -back to the studio – we’ve got a line to get ready for the next photoshoot. There is something steadying about the constant turn of the wheel – something faithful about carrying on. Up next: Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer meet the Puritans. Trust me.


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The website is almost done. I promise – and it is beautiful. Seeing all my collections come together has really brought home to me how far I’ve come. There was a moment where I wasn’t sure if I wanted my first Organic Daily Wear collection on the site – I was still learning about the dying process and the limits of organic cotton jersey ¬†-oh and there are some limits, let me tell you. But in the long run – this is who I am, what my business is and the literal organic process of being genuine and tangible.

I suppose if I’ve learned anything about myself in my business – it’s that I’m rumpled like linen and a bit frayed around the edges. I’m never going to dry clean and there’s a bit of the vintage born into what I make. Trendy isn’t my thing. ¬†Midnight over black and charcoal every day. If there isn’t beige somewhere – I’ve lost myself.

Hold on a bit longer – the website is coming and it is so gonna be worth it…

Jana Busbin of-course


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It’s been a hard week – I’m not going to lie. But I woke up today thinking about what I am grateful for.

Mowing the lawn with a back on the mend.

Hair that is turning into hair – and leaving the feathers stage behind.

Buttons. I mean it – Buttons.


Surprise letters in the mail.

Children living next door.

Photographers that are actually friends first.

That there’s a light at the end of some hard tunnels.

This photograph:

By Jana Busbin = hopelandbefore@hotmail.com


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Lets you and I pretend this is what life as a small time fashion designer looks like – all the time:

Oh and I have to share this conversation I had yesterday with the neighbor boy age -around 10 I think:

Boy: What are you doing with that paper?

Me: Well -I’m a fashion designer – and I’m about to make a dress pattern with this paper.

Boy: Ooooh -is that why your house is all like that?

Me: Like what?

Boy: With all the flowers and stuff.

Me: (don’t laugh don’t laugh) Absolutely.

Boy: Did you design your house?

Me: Nope it was built in 1909.

Boy: Did you make your flowers?

Me: Yep.

And here is the VegaDawg – sullen – because there are boys running around and she is certain they need eatin’

Dream Workroom

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Jane of Ill Seen Ill Said -shared a lovely post with us about Old Town, and while I like their clothes – it’s their workroom and showroom that I am just drooling over. After my recent foray into Detritus Clearing – these images are just plum heaven.

I’ve been dreaming of a perfect way to stash bolts + somewhere to put folded finished pieces and that piece of furniture above is just swaying and swishing at me.

Wow – now if I had a million – I’d haunt Factory 20 until I found one – until then, a gal can dream!


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I’m starting a Gratitude Friday series. In honor of all those things that have gotten me through the week. You would never believe what can go haywire in the life of a small fashion designer – small, silly things that make a gal run straight down to the river flailing her hands about and making “As God Is My Witness” noises. Like the wrong color of a bijillion yards of velvet ribbon – forsooth!¬† (can I say forsooth there?)

To start us off – JeanAdams. Provider of solutions and duck tape. Lots of duck tape.

In ode to the most melodious laugh-er, best chai tea maker, most amazing eyebrowed, pillar-o-strength gals I know. Thank you. Or as my daddy would say, “You’re better than a bubble on a slop bucket.” And that’s sayin’ a lot.

Jean -photo taken by her pal Sarah Bahr